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Our house cleaning journey has had a lot of ups and downs, but what has been most rewarding was finally finding the answer.


For years we cleaned with all of the big named cleaning products, like; Clorox, Lysol, Arm & Hammer and many more. If it was on the top shelf, we tried it! We wanted to do everything in our power to give our clients the BEST cleaning smell, that lasted for days. Sure, most of those products lasted at best for a full day, but the effects they had on us and maybe even our clients lasted MUCH longer. With our continued use and constant inhalation of these products we started experiencing respiratory issues, dry skin and lingering headaches. After using these products for so long and being raised with them, we didn't know what else to turn to. Traditional cleaning products were all we knew and many other cleaning companies were using them too.


But with a little research, we stumbled upon Eco-friendly cleaning products. We started the cycle of using all of the Eco-friendly products we could get our hands on! We were so excited that there was an alternative way of cleaning and we couldn't wait to share it with all of our clients. ​

But again, we hit another stump in the road. Even though these cleaners were Eco-friendly to the environment, they were still not Eco-friendly to our lungs. After only a couple of uses we already began noticing an uncontrollable urge to cough every time we accidentally inhaled some of the cleaner. We even tried spraying the product while covering our noses and mouths, and stepping away for several minutes to let it settle. But to no avail, it still lingered in the air and we would inadvertently inhale it. This strange event wouldn't even occur with the more harsher traditional cleaners, so what could be the problem? 

Once more, we took to the internet. 

It is a three letter acronym. VOC, Volatile Organic Compound (Man-made, synthetic chemical). This ingredient was in all of the Eco-friendly products that we were using at the time and the ultimate culprit of the uncontrollable coughing. We couldn't believe it! What we thought to be the safest and healthiest option out there, was now obsolete. We were so discouraged, we had fluttering thoughts of returning to traditional cleaners. But the thought of the reversing our progress, drove us to seek out more answers. 

Alas, we found the answer we searched for "Essential Oils". A chemical compound derived from plants that has been around since the times of ancient Egyptians. Essential Oils. Who knew that cleaning would have such a simple answer? Even so, we did our best to not get our hopes up like before. This time, we experimented with the products and tested their use. For the first time in a long time, we were not coughing from our cleaners or getting headaches and it actually smelled great. Ironically, however VOC's were also present in essential oils. Actually, they aren't "present", they "are" VOC's in the purest form. Confused? So were we. Is anything safe anymore? 

VOCs given off by synthetic chemicals accumulate in the body and create inflammation and disease. While VOCs in essential oils actually breakdown and clear away synthetic chemicals that are stored in your body and help ease inflammation and disease.


A weight had been lifted off of our shoulders. 

With gratitude to mother nature, Sage Essential Oil Cleaning was born.


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